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The “1st Creative Industries Forum (CIF) EU-Mexico” is an activity organised by the European Union, in collaboration with the EU Member States, and the Mexican Ministry of Culture. Its objective is to identify areas of opportunity and cooperation between Mexico and the European Union, as well as identify possible business opportunities. 
It is framed under “MEXICO CREATIVO: Sustainable cultural development”, an initiative from the Mexican Ministry of Culture to draw strategic lines in the matter of cultural and creative economies in the country, through spaces for reflection, analysis and questioning adapted to the current Mexican reality.

Due to the COVID-19 health crisis and social distancing measures, this activity will be totally digital. It comprises a series of three webinars and eigth roundtables, as well as virtual B2B meetings through the platform B2Match.

The 1st Forum focuses on the Videogame Industry and Transmedia Sector. The videogame industry has become the world’s largest entertainment industry; being this sector the fifth cultural good most exported from the EU to third countries and the second more imported. Transmedia refers to how a cultural/entertainment product (it may be a book, a film, a comic character, etc…), is commercialized maximising all its potential using digital and non-digital sectors: film, music, toys, video-games, manga, television series, specific shop centres, social media channels, etc. It facilitates business collaboration among digital and culture contents and services’ providers, which results to be of high interest to several EU MS.   Under the transmedia approach, other creative industries that provide services to video gaming (writers, designers, musicians, TV and film producers, etc), will be part of the event’s target audience.
Cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue are an integral part of the values of the European Union and play an important role in the promotion of human rights, tolerance, and non-discrimination across the world. The EU is focusing on its increasingly positive role in international relations. By this, the European Union seeks to strengthen mutual learning, cross-cultural understanding and trust between the EU and its partners in external relations, while empowering local cultural sectors as engines for inclusive and sustainable development, social and cultural progress, and fostering cultural diversity, innovation and economic resilience.

The New European Agenda for Culture and the Work Plan for Culture 2019-2022 underline the importance of cultural and creative sectors for innovation, job creation, cohesion and well-being of societies, as well as of the international dimension of EU cultural policies. Some examples are the European Creative Hubs Network, the European Creative Business Network, and the Pan-European network of Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs).

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